Your songs could be about celebration, about birthdays, about parties, about the power of music, about working together…

Or you might take the 50 years as your starting point. What else happened in 1970? 50th anniversaries are often called 'golden' - what ideas does gold spark for you? You might like to look 50 years forward instead. What might people be doing then? (Whatever else, they'll certainly be making music, that's for sure!) What might you be doing? What difference will music have made to your life?

We want you to record your lyrics and melody over one or more of the 2 tracks or the chord chart below.  These have been composed and recorded by Carl Hudson.  The tracks have been inspired by the Lincolnshire folk song Horkstow Grange. These songs will be part of a massive performance in the Royal Albert Hall by young people from all over Lincolnshire to mark the fabulous Music for Youth 50th Birthday Party!

We need schools and teachers to help get as many young people involved as possible in writing three songs. Just check out the fabulous resources below and get composing! Video your song, upload it to YouTube and submit the link to us using the form below. We want all your ideas, so whether its just a melody on an instrument, the spoken lyrics or a full on killer song, we want it!. We will arrange each of the songs using as many of your ideas as we can. Please remember to put the names of everyone involved so that we can credit you!


1. A Soulful Song - Backing Track - (mp3 Download)

2. A Funky Song - Backing Track (mp3 Download)

3. A Rocky/Folky Song - Chord Chart (Pdf Download)


Here are some ideas you could use to get started

How do you begin to write a song?

Thinking about lyrics

Here are some helpful song writing videos

HELP! What's a VERSE, CHORUS, & BRIDGE? (Songwriting 101) 

Taylor Swift: Lyrics That Hook You

Examples of Hooks

Here are some songs that might give you some ideas

Happy Birthday Song - Stevie Wonder

Walking On Sunshine - Katrina and The Waves

I Got a Feeling - Black Eyed Peas

Celebration - Playing For Change

All Night Long + lyric - Lionel Richie

Crazy Nights - Kiss

Cant Stop The Feeling – Justin Timberlake

Athmosphere - Russ Abbott

Play My Music - Jonas Brothers

Thank You for The Music - ABBA

Music was my First Love - John Miles

Happy Birthday - Altered Images

Dance Monkey - Tones and I

Rock Around the Clock - Bill Hailey

I Feel Good - James Brown

Older - They Might Be Giants

Here are some fantastic interviews on Radio 2 about songwriting

Gary Barlow speaks to fellow acclaimed songwriters, exploring the art of creating the perfect song!