Book your instrumental lessons directly with LMS

22 June 2020

Lincolnshire Music Service will soon be in a position to offer you the ability to book your music lessons directly with the Music Service

Lincolnshire Music Service are very excited to announce that we will be moving to SpeedAdmin software from September 2020. SpeedAdmin is software, created specifically for Music Services, to control and manage all of the administrative processes involved in running Music Services successfully. For you, this means a direct link to the people that provide instrumental lessons without burdening the school.

From next week, LMS hope to instroduce a new way of working that will enable us to be more in contact with you - the parent, and foster a new relationship with the Music Service as we work through the impacts of COVID19 and beyond. We feel that the time is right to remove most of that burden and create new relationships with parents and schools. 

Schools will still have an incredibly important role to play - lessons will still take place at school, and our excellent teachers will still be expected to visit schools and build those relationships with pupils to create outstanding musicians. We are simply making some of this process a little easier to manage.

During this difficult period of change, and while some restrictions on delivering face to face lessons remain in place, LMS will be delivering lessons in one of 3 ways;

  • on school premises (whilst observing social distancing measures)
  • via virtual lesson
  • at an authorised music service base (observing social distancing measures)

More details are available on the page