Event Information - please be aware bookings are now closed for the event.

  • Date: Saturday 23 March 2019 
  • Time: 9:30am - 3:00pm for string players and 10:30am - 4:00pm for all other musicians. Children may be dropped off and collected at the end of the day. 
  • Venue: Horncastle Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School 
  • What to bring: Students will need to bring their own packed lunch and plenty to drink. Instrument and stand. 

Downloadable Music

Vanidvere Fanfare - Listen Here!


Tuba    Trumpet in Bb    Trombone     Horn in F     Horn in Eb


Tenor Saxophone     Baritone Saxophone    Alto Saxophone    Oboe    Flute    Clarinet in Bb     

Bass Clarinet in Bb


Aint No Mountain


Eb Horn    F Horn     Treble Clef Trombone, Euph and Baritone    Trumpet 1    Trumpet 2    

Bass Clef Trombone    Bass Clef Tuba    Baritone, Euph and Bassoon


Bb Bass Clarinet    Bb Tenor Saxophone   Easy Bb Clarinet   Clarinet 1   Clarinet 2   

Eb Saxophone   Eb Baritone Saxophone   Flute   Oboe   


Percussion 1   Percussion 2     Percussion Bells


Green Onions

Guitar and Bass


Seven Nation Army

Guitar and Bass


Sad Sunday

Bass    Cello 1     Cello 2    Viola 1     Viola 2    Violin 1    Violin 2   Violin 3



Bass   Cello 1    Cello 2   Viola 1    Viola 2   Violin 1    Violin 2   Violin 3


Jazzy Beat

Bass   Cello 1   Cello 2   Viola 1    Viola 2   Violin 1   Violin 2   Violin 3



Bass   Cello 2    Cello 1   Viola 2    Viola 1   Violin 1    Violin 2    Violin 3


In The Hall of the Mountain King


Grade 1/2 Horn in F   

Grade 1/2 Tenor Horns and Alto Saxophone in Eb   

Grade 1/2 Bb Trumpet   

Grade 1/2 Trombone and Bass C Instrument

Grade 4/5 Trombone Treble Clef    

Grade 4/5 Trombone 2   

Grade 4/5 Tuba   

Grade 4/5 2nd Horns in F

Grade 4/5 1st Horn in F   

Grade 4/5 Trombone   

Grade 4/5 Trumpet

Eb Bass Treble Clef    

Pre Grade 1 Horns in F, beginner F, Bb fingerings

Pre Grade 1 Tenor Horn and Alto Eb Saxophone    

Pre Grade 1 Trombone and bass clef instrument

Pre Grade 1 Bb Trumpet 


Grade 1/2 Bassoons   

Grade 1/2 Clarinet Bb   

Grade 1/2 Euphoniums and Baritone   

Grade 1/2 Flute

Grade 1/2 Oboes or Mid Range C Instrument

Pre Grade 1 Flute   

Pre Grade 1 Bb Clarinet   

Pre Grade 1 Euphonium and Baritone

Pre Grade 1 Bassoon   

Pre Grade 1 Oboes and mid range C instrument


Grade 1/2 Bass Drum    Pre Grade 1 Bass Drum


Grade 4/5 Bass   Grade 4/5 Cello   Grade 4/5 Viola    Grade 4/5 Violin 1   Grade 4/5 Violin 2

Beginner Cello   Violin Beginner

Intermediate Cello and Bass   Violin Intermediate


Pre Grade 1 Acoustic Guitar


Squonk Blues


Bb Tenor Saxophone   Eb Alto Saxophone   Eb Baritone Saxophone   Flute    

Oboe   Bb Clarinet


Baritone Treble Clef   Bb Trumpet   Horn in F     Tuba

Trombone, Baritone Bass Clef and Bassoon


Percussion 1    Percussion 2     Mallet Percussion 


Mash Up!


Bb Bass Clarinet    Bb Clarinet    Bb Tenor Saxophone   Eb Alto Saxophone 

Eb Baritone Saxophone   Flute & Oboe 


Bb Trumpet   Trombone, Baritone and Bassoon    Tuba 


Mallet Percussion    Percussion 1     Percussion 2   Timpani   Bass


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