An 'Out of this World' idea

Lincolnshire Music Service and The Embassy Theatre Skegness, want You to create some musical reflections to accompany Luke Jerram's marvellous installations at the Embassy Theatre, Skegness.

The Embassy Theatre is “over the moon”to announce that it will host three renowned installations by the artist Luke Jerram this coming spring! Gaia, Museum of the Moon and Mars will be exhibited at the East Coast venue from 10th February to 24th March 2023. This unique season in Skegness will see all three pieces visiting one venue consecutively for the very first time in the UK. Their six-week stay will see the venue transformed from a traditional theatre into a space for reflection, observation and education.

Gaia (Earth) will open the season followed by the Museum of the Moon with the Lincolnshire and East Coast debut of Mars, concluding the season.

What do we need You to do?

We want You to create some of the soundscape music for each of the 3 celestial bodies; Gaia (Earth), Museum of the Moon and Mars. You can choose to reflect on all 3, or just one.

Use the information provided in the downloads section, to the right, to form the basis of your reflection and create a 2 - 5 min piece of music for each submission.

Who can take part?

Individuals, small groups, bands, bedroom musicians, classes, large groups, school groups, the world's your oyster. Provided you're in education within Lincolnshire, we want to hear what musical ideas you've got.

What instrument does it need to be on?

Whatever you play, we're happy to hear you or your group. The instrumentation could, but doesn't have to, be:

  • a rock band
  • a cello
  • small group of djembe
  • Garageband
  • other electronic forms of music production

We also welcome any submissions from diverse education areas within Lincolnshire.


Your submission for each celestial body will need to be submitted in electrical format, either as a live recording or as a produced piece of music. Preferably as a .WAV file to maintain audio quality (you can use an online converter if necessary such as It will need to be well-rehearsed if recording live. Remember, the general public may hear what you've got to offer. Upload it to your cloud space, and send us the link in the submission form.

What happens after I submit?

A cross party group will listen to the recordings and pick the most suitable submissions. We hope to have a representative from Luke Jerram's artistic team also listen in to the recordings to give their professional feedback. 

The selected submissions will be programmed into the exhibition to be played at pre-set times, so you and your family can visit the free installation and listen to your work, as performance music, set against the brilliant backdrop that is 'In Orbit', by Luke Jerram. 


Now - Go Create - use the download sheet to give you some inspiration.

31st January - Deadline to SUBMIT for GAIA (Earth)

3rd February - Announce the winners for Gaia. 

10th February - Deadline to submit for 'Museum of the Moon'

17th February - Announce the winners for "Museum of the Moon'

24th February - Deadline to submit for 'Mars'

3rd march - Annoucne winners for 'Mars'


When you're ready to submit - come back here and Submit your entry using this form. GOOD LUCK

Museum of the Moon