At Easter, we say a reluctant farewell to four of our Managers. Culminating in what must be over 100 years of combined service, Lee Hextall, Jon Richmond, Janet Briggs and Kate Witney are leaving management posts with LMS. Thanks to their passion for music, education and learning, they have all given a huge amount of time, energy and devotion to improving Music Education for children and young people in Lincolnshire. Fortunately, as their love for music and teaching is so great, and after a brief absence, each of the four managers will return to LMS as instrumental tutors. So you haven't seen the last of them.


Lee and Jon leave on the 26th March, Kate on the 2nd April and Janet on the 30th April.

We also say a fond farewell to a number of instrumental tutors who either retire or leave for pastures new.

Gill Walsh, Crauford Thomson, Janet Stephens and Dominic Holmes all leave behind their own legacy and we'd like to publically thank all of the above for all of their hard work, grit and determination over the years - and not least the last one!

What next?

LMS had previously divided up Lincolnshire into three areas - North, West and South. After careful consultation and discussion, these areas are being broken down into Lincolnshire Districts and will have their own dedicated Partnership Manager. These managers officially start their roles on the 1st May, but will be available for discussions from the point that the respective manager above, leaves.

South Holland & Boston Andrew Hird 07795 528785 andrew.hird@lincolnshire.gov.uk
South Kesteven Chris Rogers 07795 528784 chris.rogers@lincolnshire.gov.uk
East Lindsey Andy Raine 07464 494059 andrew.raine@lincolnshire.gov.uk
West Lindsey/North Kesteven Dave Chambers 07767 701654 david.chambers@lincolnshire.gov.uk
City of Lincoln/North Kesteven Malcolm Duckels 07795 528783 malcolm.duckels@lincolnshire.gov.uk










Assigned to each area will also be a new Lead Tutor. These positions will be filled, internally, by the start of the summer term.

Whilst we are always sorry to say goodbye to staff members, we are also thrilled to have renewed challenges ahead for us all within the restructure; not least the road to recovery after the effects of COVID19!

The new partnership managers will be reaching out to all of their schools within the summer term or before to discuss how You can get the very best out of Us, here at LMS!