Staff Virtual Cafe

Lincolnshire, as we all know, is a very large county, and getting to meet eachother from time to time can be difficult for all manner of reasons.

We are trialling this 'virtual cafe' to meet and discuss, not just to procrastinate, any potential issues and successes that you have as a member of staff. A member of the management team will be facilitating these sessions to allow equal participation in the sessions which should last no longer than 30-45 minutes each.

The first session is scheduled for 4:30pm on 5th December 2018. Click to get access to the session. 



Structure of the sessions


If you've ever done any video-conferencing before, you'll probably agree that it can be a difficult method of communication if not conducted well – especially as there may be up to 10 people wanting to speak! We are therefore going to consider a method called 'Virtual Action Learning Set'.


Essentially, individuals 'pitch' in with an issue/problem that they have and the other members vote on which one to discuss, encouraging individual learning and reflection. The other set members do not give advice, tell anecdotes, pass judgement or talk about their own situation – they stay focussed on the presenter. Using open questions, the other set members will assist in trying to aid personal reflection and deeper understanding.  I will help facilitate the meeting to help it not fall into a general moan and to keep the session focussed.


Virtual Action Learning will also require you to have a little bit of 'thinking time' after the meeting to ensure you've taken away everything that you needed to. Feel free to email me with any comments or feelings about it afterwards.


VAL is confidential and essential to the safety of the individuals taking part.


I have attached a set of notes to this page to help you gain an understanding of VAL, and quite handily, on the bottom of the one named 'VAL Handouts.pdf', there is a sheet of open questions that you can use to question the 'presenter' during the session.