Current Payslip Pay categories 


Pay Category       Detail
Monthly Pay 
  • Based upon 80% agreed Contract hours per week *36 weeks divided by 12 months = Monthly pay
  • This pay is the same each month for 12 months
  • Monthly pay hours are as per contract of employment which is 80% of agreed teaching hours
Hours @ 1 
  • The hours in excess of the Monthly pay - additional hours over the 80% paid per month at the agreed hourly rate – this makes pay up to 100% or more of the agreed contract hours
Mileage Claim 
  • School to school miles are paid at 45p per mile school to school rate  ( non-taxable up to 10,000 miles)
Travel Time Allowance
  • School to school miles are paid in addition (to the 45p per mile rate) at 47p per mile  ( taxable mileage pay)  
  • The mileage used for this calculation is the school to school mileage claim submitted –  a separate claim is not required
County Group Duties
  •   If applicable at agreed rate
Special Fees
  • Other additional- non- standard pay not part of the above


Please ensure you upload claims in good time at the end of each month and by the deadlines given, dates available from  and in the Weekly Comms.