You should now have received the new travel time pay at 47p per mile, if applicable.

Current pay slip Pay elements 

  • Monthly Pay  Basic Fixed pay – the same each month for 12 months 80% of agreed contract hours
  • Hours @ 1  (Cal P&D)  These are the additional hours in excess of the static pay for any given month


  • Hourly (Offscale) @1.0 – as above
  • Mileage Claim - LCC & Fire Standard  - 45p per mile rate – non taxable
  • Music Support Top Up Mileage – travel time mileage rate  -  47p per mile  -  taxable
  • County Group Duties – if applicable


Calculating Travel time pay Travel time pay is calculated using the same mileage figure as the 45p mileage claim.  We will at some point in the future be using Paritor to calculate this figure from actual school to school mileage completed and will advise before we switch to this process. 

Please ensure you upload claims in good time at the end of each month – by the deadlines given.