Strike Action Guidance 2023


Lincolnshire Music Service falls under the remit of ‘other services’ and will run as normal on the announced strike days unless the school informs us that it is not required. If it is the case that LMS is not required for any or all of the days, please contact, or 01522 553238. It is your responsibility as the school to inform parent/carers that LMS has been cancelled. LMS will still have to cover the staffing costs with associated music delivery. Please also be aware that charges are often funded direct by families and therefore clear comms between LMS, school and the family is important to minimise potential queries.

Where advanced notice has been given by the school, our team will either move the teaching online or provide a ‘make up’ lesson before the end of the academic year. Where an alternative has been offered, credits will not be applicable due to the associated staffing costs.  Please note that Music Membership delivery, including whole-class delivery, will also not be credited due to the high level of subsidy already in place. Online provision will be offered wherever possible.