Professional production is not simply a matter of buying or hiring good equipment. It takes experience and expertise to ensure everything is set up to give the best possible effect for your audience and to instil a sense of confidence in the performers. There are also aspects of Health and Safety that require professional expertise in terms of handling heavy equipment and dealing with potentially damaging levels of noise.

The equipment comes complete with an experienced technician who will assemble and test the equipment before your show. After the performance, everything will be packed away and removed from the premises at a mutually agreed time. Alternatively, you may have your own equipment, in which case, you may just require the support of one or more technicians. We can also offer advice on the selection of equipment that you will need to give your performance maximum impact.

We can provide everything from a single technician to a full technical crew to ensure that your show benefits from having sound quality of the highest standard. We have a range of equipment to match your exact requirements and the necessary expertise to operate it safely for your event.