Welcome to the Lincolnshire Secondary Music Toolkit!

The toolkit provides a range of resources and materials for schools to challenge and improve the quality of secondary music education across Lincolnshire and beyond. It has been developed in response to some key publications which include:

The importance of Music and the Arts within schools has gained additional external prominence; Sir Michael Wilshaw (Ofsted) recently announced:
"The effective teaching of arts, music, drama and other creative subjects is important in ensuring students experience a rich and balanced curriculum. This is something our inspectors pay close attention to when they visit schools."

The toolkit will evolve over time with additional resources developed in stages in partnership with schools and other consultants. If you require further support, guidance or wish to be involved in the next stage of development, please do not hesitate to contact Lincolnshire Music Service.

Jennifer McKie, Senior Music Adviser
jennifer.mckie@lincolnshire.gov.uk or tel: 01522 553238