During the year long partnership, there is a 6 week intensive programme (delivered in the Autumn, Spring or Summer term) lead by LMS with CPD for the class teacher. This is typically taught on orchestral woodwind, brass or string instruments.

The programme ensures that lessons are musical and engaging from the outset with music making at the heart of learning. Specialist instrumental tutors work alongside class teachers and the programme differentiates and challenges learners to make progress at whatever stage of their musical learning. National research has shown that young people that play an instrument show greater progress and better academic outcomes than those not playing.

We have teamed up with Charanga to provide online resources to support the delivery and continuation of the MashUp programme and will provide a class set of instruments for the whole year. Through Charanga you will also have access to Take-Off! ensemble pieces and backing tracks to develop class bands and school ensembles.

Class teachers will have access to these resources to support continuation and progression for the whole year giving a genuine opportunity to make a difference to the lives of young people through music. Young people will have access to an online space providing opportunity to develop their independent learning at home and upload their work.

Our MashUp pilot programme has attracted national interest with over 5000 young people participating in the first year! A core requirement of the National Plan for Music Education is that every child between the ages of 5 – 18 should be given the opportunity to play a musical instrument through a whole class instrumental teaching programme for a minimum of one term.

This partnership enables outstanding music lessons to be delivered in your school. It facilitates progression and offers extended musical learning opportunities. Research has proven that academic exam success, positive mental health, improved social and employability skills are all enhanced through learning a musical instrument as well as developing a lifelong love of music.

This programme can lead to enhanced enrichment opportunities and partnership working. We will support the opportunities for your pupils to progress to instrumental tuition and ensembles providing lasting impact and value for money.

Each MashUp programme includes:

  • Year long support with a 6 week intensive team taught programme
  • A licence to Charanga Key Stage 3; TakeOff! and bespoke Lincolnshire Mash Up resources
  • Instrument hire for the whole year for a class set of instruments
  • One instrumental teacher to lead the programme with one class and providing CPD
  • All resources and curriculum materials
  • Access to performance opportunities both in and out of school
  • Opportunities for pupils to continue their playing and become part of our Mash Up ensembles and other groups in Music Centres around the county. 


FREE half term programme with Premium Music Membership

Additional prgrammes charged at £45.00 per session