There is a growing body of evidence, based upon leading-edge psychoneurological research, which shows a link between dyslexia and a poor sense of rhythm.  Accelerate!™ addresses this in an enjoyable way through singing, chanting and the playing of African djembe drums. 

Activities are carefully structured and focus particularly on phonemic awareness. Envisaged initially as support for children with dyslexia, the programme has proved also to be beneficial for those with Speech and Language difficulties or ESL, and with more general individual needs. Rhythmic skills are targeted through drumming, which also develops coordination and social skills. 

Singing has proven benefits for language development, memory and wellbeing. Both drumming and singing teach phonological awareness and enhance self-confidence. 

The programme is very flexible and can be tailored for use with ages 6-12 (or for older children with Severe Learning Difficulties). We offer six week programmes working with children, or CPD training for school staff, all delivered by specialist tutors. 

Cost with Music Membership Cost without Music Membership
Not included  £45.00 per hour