Technology is now at the forefront of our lives; from the basics of watching television, to the interaction of VR with computer games.

With the advancements in technology, and with assistance from NYMAZ and the Connect:Resound project (supported by the Paul Hamlyn foundation), we are now able to offer instrumental lessons from one of our bases within Lincolnshire, out into the farthest reaches of the county.

Our tutors will deliver lessons using a series of 3 x 1080p (FullHD) video cameras and premium Rode microphones to deliver a high-quality A/V feed in a live streamed broadcast in order to best demonstrate technique and sound. There is still, obviously, 2-way communication between both parties. A video stream from the school will probably be made via the schools' webcam or video camera feed. One of our tutors will be on hand during the first few sessions to help set this up at the school.

As this is a pilot project, only a limited number of schools will be accepted until all testing and successful trials have been completed.

The Offer

We aim deliver 36 instrumental lessons per academic year. If tuition starts mid-way through a term, the total lesson number will be reflected by the start date. Lessons will be undertaken by fully vetted, DBS cleared tutors and they will help and support the pupil to achieve their very best.

Initially, the instruments on offer are: Oboe, Bassoon (including Mini-Bassoon), Clarinet, Flute and Saxophone. As the project progresses, the instrument variety will widen substantially.

We believe that a completely digital delivery wouldn't build the dynamic teacher/pupil relationship needed for accelerated instrumental learning. We are therefore proposing that we deliver 2 out of every 6 lessons face to face with the remaining 4 lessons taking place remotely via Google Hangouts.


Introductory price including 20% discount for 2019/20.

Costs per weekly lesson:

Group (20 min) 2 - pupils £4.91/student
Group (30 min) 3 - pupils £4.91/student
Individual 20 min £9.82
Individual 30 min £14.72


Initially you need to complete the expression of interest form for 2019/20 at the bottom of the page. The LMSDigiTeach Manager (Andrew Raine) will be in contact with you as soon as possible. You will need to meet Andrew to discuss the requirements of this project from a school perspective and undertake a download and upload speed test on your broadband connection.

Other requirements:

  • A staff member to help log in to Google Hangouts and help set up any peripheral equipment on a weekly basis.
  • A suitable space, a strong internet connection, a webcam. The hall is not a suitable space due to the echo provided by instrumental noise.
  • Administer lesson costs and charging to parents and pay the subsequent invoices from LMS.
  • Ensure your privacy policies are up to date along with any online safeguarding measures that may need altering in the light of this lesson delivery method.
  • Alert your IT infrastructure manager of the need to allow Google Hangouts through a school firewall system. The school may need to allow access to a static IP address for a dedicated laptop.

We advise you to download the LMS 'Schools guide to LMSDigiTeach' which is accessible HERE. You will find further details on Online Safety provided by other sources and other areas of help associated with this project.


You will need to request lessons from your child's school in the first instance. Payment terms will vary from school to school.  Schools should also ask you to fill in a special consent form for lessons over the Internet.

You will be responsible for providing whatever else is needed; music books, reeds, strings etc. 

We advise you to download the LMS 'Parent's Guide to LMSDigiTeach' which is accessible HERE. You will find further details on Online Safety provided by other sources and other areas of help associated with this project.

Fully supported by Lincolnshire County Council, we are excited to be offering this level of technological advancement out to schools.