Planning a cohesive and progressive primary music curriculum takes time and expertise to develop. We have a range of tried and tested resources to help you and ultimately save you time including:


Membership required to unlock the following resources:

  •  Minimum Expected Standards (aligned to MMC) 1-6 

  • Model Music Curriculum Year Plans 1-6

  • Music Made Simple Curriculum Plan 1-6

  •  Example of an Action Plan

  •  Music Subject Leader Checklist

  •  Annotated Lesson Plan

  •  Three Tier Assessment Tool 

  •  Annotated lesson plan re SEND

  •  Musical Development Matters in the Early Years

  •  Primary School Music Curriculum Audit

  •  Generalist Skills Audit

  •  Arts Award Discover Handouts

  •  Deep Dive Inspection Focuses 

Please contact if you have a membership and would like access to the resources above.

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