LMS can purchase the following on your schools behalf

Class Set of Percussion Instruments 

Percussion Classpack. Sufficient hand-held percussion for up to 30 pupils. All genuine and quality instruments. Supplied in a large plastic storage box with lid. An example: Class percussion pack – Percussion Plus

Class Set of Recorders

Recorder Classpack. Sufficient recorders for up to 30 pupils. An example: Buy MES Coloured Recorders 30pk | TTS (tts-group.co.uk)

Set of 12 Ocarinas 

An example: Buy Rainbow Ocarinas and Instruction. Books 12pk | TTS (tts-group.co.uk)


Cost with Music Membership Cost without Music Membership
Available as an option with Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Music Membership (10 Credits Per Set)  Not Available