The offer

MashUp Jam provides progression opportunities for students having participated in Primary or Secondary Whole Class MashUP programmes. It is an enrichment group where the students receive their instrumental tuition as part of the ensemble.

MashUp Jam is a fully inclusive group - the learning and resources will be differentiated and adapted to suit the needs of the students. It could either be a lunchtime or after school club run by an LMS tutor.

This could be delivered as a progressive step from a Whole Class MashUp programme. Having the 'feel' of MashUp class lessons the ensemble would potentially have up to 30 students all using the instruments provided to school as part of their membership for the remainder of the academic year.  For example it could be a brass ensemble or clarinet choir; ukulele club or djembe troupe.

This group would have a weekly rehearsal for 30 minutes. 


  • Jam enhances the cultural experience and personal development for every young person.
  • Jam has the potential and flexibility to introduce other young people to the group for example beginner guitarists having lessons privately.
  • Jam students will be able to perform at school concerts and be given opportunities to play in massed events.
  • Jam students will work towards certificates of achievement each term.
  • Jam students will be given a unique login for Charanga to support on line learning at home.
  • Jam includes free instrument hire.


Charge to the school is £320 for a full term (Autumn, Spring, Summer) and includes free instrument hire. This includes automatic entry into a large scale event at the end of the term. 

Cost can be passed on to parent/ carer or subsidised with pupil premium funding.


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