The Offer

We have established an outstanding reputation for the quality of our instrumental and vocal teaching, with a high percentage of schools within the county accessing this provision. We also offer instruments to hire at substantially reduced rates. 

Tuition is offered on a range of instruments: 

  • strings: violin, viola, cello, double bass, harp
  • woodwind: flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, recorder
  • brass: trumpet, cornet, trombone, baritone, euphonium, horn (French and tenor), tuba
  • percussion: drum kit, tuned percussion,
  • guitar: classical, electric and bass
  • keyboard
  • vocal/singing

Tutors are distributed across the county by Area Managers who have the local knowledge and expertise necessary to forge excellent relationships with schools.


To book for 2023/24, please read through the information below. You will be contacted by an Area Manager, Operational Manager or a School Lead in order to gather the information required to receive bookings in SpeedAdmin. 

Instrumental Tuition Terms and Conditions


Parents who require tuition from an LMS tutor must now register their child for lessons through SpeedAdmin. An account will need to be created for the parent/guardian, who can then return to administer certain features of the students' tuition. The generic speedadmin registration page for lessons is:

As part of the SpeedAdmin registration process, parents can only select tuition that the school has opted for LMS to provide. Without this information, your options will remain blank, and the school will be showing as not active.

LMS will continue to request a partnership process with schools in order to facilitate lessons. Lessons can take place in one, or a mixture of the following ways:

  • Face to face in school 
  • Virtual lessons on the LMSDigiTeach platform (to school, or to home)
  • Face to face at one of our approved Music Centre bases

Virtual lessons: Some schools might require the recording of virtual instrumental lessons to take place. LCC guidelines are currently that no LMS virtual lessons should be recorded. If the school requires this, it is for you to complete the agreement directly with the parent to allow expressed permission for this to occur. The onus will not fall on LMS/LCC in this instance.

Direct Billing

SpeedAdmin is brilliant at being able to assign requested tuition, and the associated administration surrounding it. In order for LMS to have the most accurate of data available, we ask ALL parents to register for tuition using the registration link above. When tuition has been assigned to a tutor, an invoice will be raised and must be paid by the parent at least a week before tuition starts. If payment has not been received, lessons will not commence.

LMS will continue to automatically register the pupil term on term, year on year, unless the parent de-registers the pupil from the assigned course. Mid-year adjustment details will still apply.

School Billing

SpeedAdmin is also brilliant at being able to provide a method of billing to schools that will produce an invoice to the school per pupil, rather than per teacher hours. Although schools may decide to carry on with school billing at this time, we still need to capture the data into SpeedAdmin and the most accurate way of doing this will be through parent registration using the link above.

The school can then assign the tutor (who has been pre-assigned to the school).

Invoices for the full term will be issued at around half-term of each full-term and will have a 30 day payment term.

Booking Tuition

Tuition can be requested at any point during the school year via SpeedAdmin, and schools if on the school-billing option, can choose to administer lesson commencement when they wish. For 23/24 the service will schedule 36 visits by each teacher, the school will not be charged if any tuition cancelled by the teacher or music service.

Autumn 2023

 13 Teaching Weeks. Commencing Monday 11th   September 2023

Spring 2024  11 Teaching Weeks. Commencing Wednesday   3rd January 2024
Summer 2024  12 Teaching Weeks. Commencing Tuesday 16th   April 2024

Waiting List

If the tutor is unable to accommodate the tuition, the pupil will remain on the waiting list until a vacancy is found. Parents will be notified, via SpeedAdmin, when a pupil has been moved off the waiting list and transferred onto the assigned tuition.

At the start of the academic year, we try to allocate the same teacher to your school on a rolling basis to provide continuity, however no guarantee can be made. We do understand that bookings can be unpredictable at the start of the academic year; therefore we will accept adjustments within the first few of weeks of September.

Please note tuition cannot be booked directly with your instrumental tutor. 



Cost Per Lesson

Autumn Term Costs

Spring Term Costs

Summer Term Costs

Cost For the Year

Individual 15






Individual 20






Individual 30


 £ 247.00




Shared 20

  £ 6.40





Shared 30






Group 30    £6.10   £79.30  £67.10    £73.20   £219.60

Mid-Year Adjustment Deadlines 

Decreases in tuition can be made at the following points throughout the year by requesting a 'deregistration from course' within SpeedAdmin.                                

 Mid-Year Adjustment Deadline

 Date effective from

 Friday 22nd September 2023

 Tuesday 31st October 2023

 Friday 10th November 2023

 Wednesday 3rd January 2024

 Friday 23rd February 2024

 Tuesday 16th  April 2024

 Friday 26th April 2024 (Yr 11,12 and 13 only)

 Monday 3rd June 2024


SpeedAdmin has an accurate and up to date 'lists' function for use by the school. For bespoke lists, schools can contact LMS or SpeedAdmin to request help in setting these up.


Remission is available for pupils eligible for Free School Meals this includes a subsidy of 50% on 15min lessons, 50% on 20 min lessons and 33% on 30 min lessons. Looked after children will receive a remission of 50%.