Autumn Term 2020

Spring Term 2021

Summer Term 2021

Launch Days

Sat 17th October  10.30-12.00pm 

Sat 9th January       9.30-12.30pm


Individual 30 min Session

Confirmed on an individual basis

Confirmed on an individual basis



Sat 21st November  9.30-12.30pm 

Sat 6th February       9.30-12.30pm



Sat 28th November 9.30-12.30pm

Sat 27th February    9.30-12.30pm

Sat 3rd July 2021    9.30-12.30pm

Sun 4th July 2021   9.30-12.30pm


Weds 16th December  Online pre-recorded premiere 

Weds 31st March  Online pre-recorded premiere 

Sat 17th July (venue tbc)                             1.00-9.30pm 


*Each sectional will last for 1 hour and scheduled between 9.30-12.30pm. 


During the first term, we will focus on music from gaming videos with input direct from our members.