County Groups Creatives will give County Groups members, as well as other young people aged 14-21 with an interest in composing/ performing / music production, the opportunity to work with Chineke! Orchestra tutors and a facilitator, to work together to produce and perform their own composition.

County Groups members will be offered the additional opportunity to form chamber ensembles (one or more depending on numbers). The Chamber Ensemble will be of mixed instrumentation (determined by those taking part), not necessarily traditional i.e. string quartet, brass ensemble etc. 

Additional young people, aged 14-21, interested in composing or performing will also have the opportunity to participate and help shape/perform the composition. We welcome all instruments/voice including music production / DJing / Beatboxers aged 14+.  

We envisage the involvement of around 15 to 20 young people.

Plan of the sessions:

Three 90 minute 'virtual' sessions – December, January and February. Ideally this will be at the weekend where students create themes, chord structures, rhythmic ideas or more. Facilitator, identified by Chineke! Orchestra, uses material to create final short composition.

'Live' day rehearsal in Lincoln (March) with opportunity to rehearse and video record a final performance.

Students may be able to use this as part of their GCSE/ BTEC/A level ensemble performance and possibly for the composition element, depending on the course and exam board.

Cost to Participants:



Existing County Groups Members


New County Groups Creatives

Composers and Performers



Places are limited and therefore selection is by application for existing and new members via SpeedAdmin.


Chineke! Orchestra, Audio Junkie (Music Production) and Lincolnshire Music Service




Sun 12th Dec, 10.30-12.30pm


Session 1 – Virtual


Sun 16th Jan, 10.30-12.30pm


Session 2 – Virtual


Sun 6th Feb , 10.30-12.30pm


Session 3 – Virtual


Sun 13th March – 10-4pm

LIVE in Lincoln

Session 4 – LIVE


Sat 19th March – times tbc

LIVE in Boston

Music for Youth Regional Festival

Friday 8th April

Uppingham Concert

Recording Played

Participants Invited / Celebrated

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