Want to join County Groups? Applications now open for 2020/2021! 

Apply now or contact your instrumental tutor or call us on 01522 552818 for more information. 

Entry Requirements

Each orchestra has a different expected standard and players tend to progress through the orchestras during their time at school.

Lincolnshire Youth Symphony Orchestra

  • Strings: Grade 6
  • Woodwind: Grade 6
  • Percussion: Grade 6

Lincolnshire Youth Wind Orchestra

  • Woodwind: Grade 6
  • Percussion: Grade 6

Lincolnshire Youth Concert Orchestra

  • Strings: Grade 4
  • Brass: Grade 4
  • Woodwind: Grade 4
  • Percussion: Grade 4

Lincolnshire Youth String Chamber Orchestra

  • Strings: Grade 6

Please note that it is not essential for students to have taken formal examinations. Auditions can be accepted  online by uploading to YouTube or Vimeo and providing us with the link. You are required to play one piece of the standard entry requirements for the ensemble you are applying for.


Annual Membership

Lincolnshire Youth Symphony Orchestra: £230 (including residential fee)

Lincolnshire Youth Wind Orchestra: £230 (including residential fee)

Lincolnshire Youth Concert Orchestra: £145

Lincolnshire Youth String Chamber Orchestra: £90

Membership fees shown above apply to the academic year 2020-21. Fees can be paid in instalments and remission is available for pupils entitled to Free School Meals and Looked After Children. Further payment details will be provided following application and acceptance.