LMS Tutors have limited capacity at the moment, and aren't fully able to teach to the extent they normally are. A great number of tutors are now delivering a complicated routine of lessons throughout their days, whilst juggling their own personal circumstances. For some, the use of new technology, new personal challenges, redeployment, volunteering elsewhere, just don't make LMSDigiTeach a viable option and are therefore unable to teach. We feel an obligation to those who cannot have lessons, and who would value some level of asynchronous learning. 


Tutors are however, able to view YOU. If you wish, you can upload yourself performing a piece that would like some feedback from a tutor on. We will allocate a tutor who has a specialism for this instrument and you can receive feedback within 5 working days. You are not limited to how many times you enter for feedback, although YOU may wish to.


You, or a parent need to have a video hosting account such as YouTube, Vimeo, or Google Drive and upload your video to there. You need to ensure the clip is listed so that only people who YOU decide to send the link to can view it. In YouTube this could be either PRIVATE, or UNLISTED for example. LMS will not share any details beyond the organisation, but staff may need to forward the link to a personal email address in order to view your clip on a computer, in order to offer better feedback.


An LMS tutor will offer feedback, based on their experience and professional opinion. The tutor could advise on improvements to the piece via the following headings: 

  • Musicality & Musicianship (Flow, Pulse, Rhythm, Accuracy etc)
  • Technique (appropriate to the instrument)
  • Character and musical style
  • Other areas for potential development - What a good one looks like. (referencing to professional performances or well-performed pieces on the internet pehaps)


If you wish to submit a piece for feedback, simply complete the form below and await for your feedback. You will receive feedback from musicservice@lincolnshire.gov.uk, so please check your spam if you do not hear back within the 5-working days.


Please familiarise yourself with the current LCC COVID-19 Privacy policy, and the LMS standard privacy policy