Music Theory

The ABRSM Theory structure has long been a part of the thorough understanding of music and Grade 5 Theory is a pre-requisite to progress through to the Grade 6,7 and 8 of the ABRSM practical grades.

Tutors from Lincolnshire Music Service will be offering online theory lessons for students (old or young - age is no boundary) based on the progression of the ABRSM Theory method.


Grades 1 - 5

£65 for a block of 10 x 30 minute lessons. Times may vary due to tutor availability.

Grades 6,7,8 - bespoke pricing due to the length of the course needed to complete this graded level.



Conditions and Prerequisites

To study Grade 2 Theory, you MUST be able to:

  • Read Bass clef

To study Grade 3 Theory, you MUST be able to say yes to the above and

  • Be able to know what the key signature of Eb Major and C minor is

To study Grade 4 Theory, you MUST be able to say yes to the above and:

  •  Be able to group notes differently in compound time compared to simple time?

To study Grade 5 Theory, you MUST be able to say yes to all of the above and:

  • Be able to tell the tutor which pf the intervals are 'perfect'?
  • Are you also confident that you have the required knowledge of grades 1-4 ABRSM Music Theory?

To study Grade 6 Theory you MUST be able to answer yes to the above and:

  • Have you passed Grade 5 Theory or completed the Grade 5 Theory Workbooks?

To study Grade 7 Theory you MUST be able to answer yes to the above and:

  • Do you know what 4-part harmony is?
  • Con you complete figured bass?
  • Have you composed an 8-bar melody that modulates to the dominant?


Sessions have a minimum and maximum number of participants, and we will therefore have a waitinglist system in operation. You will be notified when you have been placed on an available course. If a minimum number of students has not been met, the course cannot take place. Sessions will take place after school hours and full commitment is expected. Once a place has been offered and accepted, the course of lessons can be paid for. No credits can be given for missed or cancelled lessons.

Please note that the booklets are a necessary part of the course and can be purchased direct from the ABRSM website here: Music Theory Books

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