Please note that new registrations for lessons are being given a 10-14day start time. You will be advised by the teacher assigned, when lessons can commence and a pro-rata invoice be issued to you. Payments, at this time, are by BACS only.


Lincolnshire Music Service offers high quality Individual and Small Group tuition at Primary and Secondary schools across Lincolnshire. Tuition is delivered by highly skilled, DBS cleared Instrumental Tutors to an outstanding standard. Instrument Hire is also offered at substantially reduced rates. 

Tuition can be booked through our booking portal, provided by SpeedAdmin, on a range of instruments. We offer tuition in:

  • strings: violin, viola, cello, double bass, harp
  • woodwind: flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, recorder
  • brass: trumpet, cornet, trombone, baritone, euphonium, horn (French and tenor), tuba
  • percussion: drum kit, tuned percussion,
  • guitar: classical, electric and bass
  • keyboard
  • vocal/singing

The instruments on offer by LMS in your child's school are shown when you select that school in the booking portal. If there is nothing there, the school are yet to complete their sign up procedure.

Once you register for lessons, LMS staff will then seek to assign a tutor to the student. You should receive an email when this has been completed and the presumed standard charges are then raised to the account. Invoices are sent out at a later date.

Due to the impact of Coronavirus restrictions, LMS intend to provide lessons; 

  • virtually via LMSDigiTeach (please also read the Parent Protocol document)
  • face to face at the pupils' school (depending on, and abiding by the social distancing measures). 
  • or face to face at one of our authorised music centre bases around the county (depending on, and abiding by the social distancing measures)

LMS have been consulting with schools regarding the ability to deliver lessons in school from September. LMS will have undertaken a risk-assessment for each instrumental discipline and will work with each school in order to ensure that all risks are mitigated. LMS staff will also be instructed to use a level of PPE during lesson delivery.

Each school will also have their own arrangements based on individual risk-assessments. Please contact the school for any information on this.

Virtual lessons: Some schools might require the recording of virtual instrumental lessons to take place. LCC guidelines are currently that no LMS virtual lessons should be recorded. If the students school requires this, it is for you to complete the agreement directly with the school to allow expressed permission for this to occur. The onus will not fall on LMS/LCC in this instance.


34 lessons are offered in the next academic year (2020/21). Charges will be per lesson, charged termly in advance. The Music Service works on the three-term school year; Autumn (11 lessons), Spring (11 lessons) and Summer (12 lessons). Refunds will be made, if necessary, at the end each academic term for undeliverable lessons.

We provide every pupil with a record book, either physical or virtual and their teacher will use this to write in their targets for the next lesson. Your child should bring this book to every lesson.  You will also be able to communicate with the teacher using the SpeedAdmin studyplan where lesson records and digital resources can be shared.

Once lessons have commenced, lessons for the following term will be re-registered automatically term on term, and year on year unless a de-registration has been been requested. See below for how to cancel music lessons.

Your child will receive an annual report in the summer term, written by their teacher which explains what they have achieved during the academic year. 


We understand that schools are under immense pressures at the moment, and many do not have the space to accomodate visiting tutors and their equipment. What better way is there, but to use LMSDigiTeach as the continued method of delivery to those pupils at this time.

All the same lesson options are available and you must sign, upon registration, to say you've read and understood the Parent Protocol document for lesson delivery via LMSDigiTeach. Supplementary reading is advised from the Download section to the right.

About our teachers 

All staff who work with your child or have access to their personal information have a current DBS/CRB certificate. All our teaching staff follow relevant schemes of work to deliver high quality lessons and engage in an annual CPD for ongoing support and training. All staff will annually undergo compulsory safeguarding training.

Our teachers can also encourage progression through a range of national level instrumental examinations ,links to music centre and county ensembles.


Lessons are currently only offered as individual due to the difficulties with delivering group lessons whilst under the COVID19 restrictions. We are, therefore, only taking individual lesson bookings at this time.

Per lesson, charged in advance.

Lesson Length Per lesson cost

Termly lesson cost 

Autumn/Spring - 11 Weeks
Summer - 12 weeks

Individual 15 minutes



Individual 20 minutes



Individual 30 minutes








Please also complete the SpeedAdmin 'Tuition Voucher' if you believe the student is entitled to:

  • Free School Meals
  • School-paid, free tuition time
  • School-paid, extra discount
  • Looked After Child discount.

This flags up the student in the application process so we are able to amend the charges to the school or create the apporpriate discount. We don't want you overpaying for tuition.

How to cancel music lessons 

Lessons can be cancelled at the end of term but we require half a term’s notice in order for the teacher to fill the space with a new student. 

You must also provide written notice if your child is:

  • transferring to an alternative school
  • leaving at the end of year 11.

When to give notice

To end tuition at the end of the relevant term, you must 'de-register' the student from lessons in SpeedAdmin by:

  • Autumn term - Friday 6th November 
  • Spring term - Friday 26th February
  • Summer term -
    • Friday 30th April (to take effect from 6th June) for Years 11,12 and 13 only.
    • Monday 31st May

If a de-registration request has not been received, registration for the following term will commence and invoices will be raised for payment as stipulated in the Terms and Conditions.

Continuing lessons after year 13

Although lessons and ensemble memberships will automatically be cancelled at the end of year 13 due to GDPR regulations, if you wish tuition or group membership (Music Centre/County Groups) to continue, the student will be required to create their own account in SpeedAdmin and simply register themselves. 

Instrument Hire

Please see the details on our Instrument Hire page.