Learning an Instrument

The Benefits

Singing or playing a musical instrument really enriches the lives of children and young people as well as having a positive impact on other aspects of education and learning. The National Plan for Education highlights the important role which music has as part of a young person’s education. Learning to play a musical instrument has many benefits: it teaches perseverance and discipline; fosters self-expression; relieves stress; promotes social skills; boosts self-confidence and promotes happiness! We offer different musical learning programmes to suit different needs, all delivered by our highly skilled, DBS cleared instrumental tutors.

Individual tuition is available in a range of styles and genres. Students get undivided, personal attention, building trust and helping grow confidence. Small Group Tuition is also available in groups up to a maximum of six students, giving pupils the opportunity to work with their peers at a similar level, encouraging interaction and enhancing social skills.

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Whole Class Instrumental Tuition aims to ensure that every child is given an opportunity to play a musical instrument for at least one term at primary school. According to research, learning in this type of environment gives children more confidence and higher self-esteem.

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